LesBian Palace

Monday, May 16, 2005


Visit photobucket.com to see the photo galleries for the LesBian Palace! http://photobucket.com/albums/y218/lesbianpalace/ in the "password" feild, put lesbian. In the albums, click on "Lesbian Art" to see the lesbian art photos. If you want to see photo art from the LesBian Palace Guild at Gaia, click on the other two albums.


Welcome to the LesBian Palace Blog!

Welcome to the LesBian Palace Blog! LesBian Palace is a guild on Gaia-Online.com to visit gaiaonline, please visit, http://www.gaiaonline.com At the moment, Gaia is experiencing some technical errors, so you can't sign up, but please bookmark this page so you have a link to Gaia! it's a great place and I am sure you will enjoy it once you can sign up.

I have made this blog to post news and updates and some pictures, if possible. I will also post links to some great sites that find. If you are not a part of Gaia online, please feel free to explore, but also take a look at Gai,s it's a great role playng community, you kind of get addicted after a while to tell you the truth!

I am hoping to post some lesbian art on here, so come back soon. I hope you have a wonderful day and keep your head up high, there is a lot to live for, all you have to do it find it... and I know you can do it too!